Jared was born and raised on Chicago’s North Side where he currently resides with his wife and newborn son. Ever since his conversion in 2007, Jared has preached on Chicago streets on a regular basis. Having led numerous outreaches locally, as well as mission trips in other cities, Jared is accustomed to preaching in virtually any kind of setting—block parties, sidewalk Sunday school, open air preaching, abortion clinic ministry, Muslim outreach, servant evangelism, event centered outreach (e.g. Taste of Chicago), door-to-door, and the like.

Jared has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Global Missions from School of Urban Missions Bible College and Theological Seminary and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Theology. He is also a Pastoral Elder at Metro Praise International Church in Chicago, where he leads the discipleship class and monthly outreaches to the local abortion clinic.

Email: info@chicagoforjesus.net Phone: 773.552.9554